Command to the Mind

By N. V. Subbaraman ,Chennai

Here is a beautiful poem by Mahakavi Subhramaniya Bharathiyar, one of the greatest national, patriotic poets from Tamilnadu , who lived in the early part of twentieth century. This poem deals with the importance of obeying  the command of the Almighty-the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent-one has to submit to the command of the Creator. This poem is written as if God Himself dictates to the mind.  As usual his poem original in Tamil, its English transliteration and translation with comment are given hereunder.

Original in Tamil

மனத்திற்குக் கட்டளை

பேயா யுழலுஞ் சிறுமனமே!

பேணா யென்சொல் இன்றுமுதல்

நீயா யொன்றும் நாடாதே

நினது தலைவன் யானேகாண்

தாயாம் சக்தி தாளினிலும்

தரும மென யான் குறிப்பதிலும்

ஓயா தேநின் றுழைத்திடுவாய்

உரைத்தேன் அடங்கி உய்யுதியால்.



Manaththirkuk kattaLai.

Paeyaa uzhalum sirumanamae!

    PaeNaa yensol inrumudhal

Neeyaa onrum naadaadhae

          Ninadhu thalaivan yaanaekaaN;

Thaayaam sakthi thaaLinilum

          Dharuma mena yaan kurippadhilum

Oayaa dhaenin ruzhaiththiduvaay

          Uraiththaen adangi uyyudhiyaal.



Restless imp my petty mind

          Listen to my command from today

Don’t yearn for anything on your own

          Recognize I am your Lord

In the Divine feet of Shakthi

          In what I prescribe as actions virtuous

Restless you put your efforts

          Command you to do sans delay.



In this meaningful song, Poet speaks to HIS mind, as if command from the God HIMSELF. He commands the mind not to seek anything from God on his own, but to be conscious of the fact that HE is his Lord, and commands the mind to hold to the Divine feet of Mother Shakthi, and act according to HIS dictates ceaselessly and everything will be fine.

Yes, if we act in our lives, the things will be fine and there ill be no need to regret.


  1. Very simple poem of thought. Beautifully decorated in Tamil . A nice translation . A guiding comment. Oh ! Mind !! Don’t go here and there !!!

    What is your duty mind ? It is the duty of you(mind) to completely surrender to the “ALL CREATOR” and doing the acts as specified. In fact it relates to “GITA” where the LORD says to do one’s work without expecting any fruits thereof.
    He notifies that there will be no regrets if we go on doing our duties.

    A simple but beautiful poem of thought. Thanking you Sir for making me to read.

  2. The aptness of this beautiful poem has to be reminded by oneself again and again. It is a guiding light for the devastated mind, showing the place where one can find the refuge. It is an implied link for a connection between the self and the SELF.

  3. A well-meant Command to his Mind by Mahakavi, followed by your nice translation!

    The courageous poet wants his mind to be sub-servient to the Almighty Who will nicely take care of his concerns!
    He wants a mind free of wanderings here and there, but a bent of mind serious with its efforts, leaving the results to the ever-vigilant God Who can never fail in bestowing the benefits one is legitimately entitled to!