Month: July 2022


Truth Rediscovered

by Hema Ravi “HOW WILL YOU BE REMEMBERED?” The “living legacy” of the Shorts’ reads – “Our objective was sharing the beauty of the place with as many people as possible.” A fascinating place,  hidden in the precincts of the city – The Bellevue Botanical Garden. People who have had […]



“There is a time for departure even when there is no certain place to go “ A time to be a relentless worker not to just sit and forgo Dreaming deferring won’t help in reaching goals Take your stance search your zest and there you go Putting off things for […]


Theatre of Thoughts

Talk to you, I talk to you Even when we are not talking, I still talk to you Sitting on the edge of a thousand memories and ideas, with the eyes open sometimes and closed otherwise, Just here and somewhere else in my dreams, You in front of me and […]


Mutton Year

by Mohamed Mahou It was only two days before the annual feast and all the sheep were busy preparing their tribal ritual, often known as Tafaska. In fact, no day in the Mutton Year was more sacred than this one, when they celebrated their miraculous transformation into intelligent creatures. The great occasion also […]


Alevi Poetry

15th December, 2019Truth has been humiliated, abused, and beaten on the streets of dil(li) and so I am asked to cover my grief-stricken body for they fear of being exposed of their dirty politics. My dil is a colourless country where truth has died several bloodless death at the feet of […]


Muhallah Brawl

You vilified me, plotted to Crush my son’s wedding were striving to thwart my family Rented your plot last year for a day Charged a fortune from me and call me your Buddy Always picked your own path in the Whole square discounting what we Desired, what we Devised.   […]