Month: July 2022


Hate and Its Consequences

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Hate comes with its consequences, just as the condemnation and anger that the country faced internationally following the BJP spokesperson’s remarks, the more indignation and resentment will follow against the minority community after the gruesome terror attacks in Udaipur. Unfortunately, the calls for violence against […]


Beware, Karm Will Get You!

Like a vegetable, he lay for a fortnight Moaning & groaning in pain Calling out to someone in his inaudible voice Holding long conversations with invisible people! As time passed.. With a great effort a word or two he could mumble incoherently Anger & irritation reflected his frustration His vision […]


Music and Emotions

by Monali Dam “Tanana Tanana  Nana  Na” remember this haunting title track of R.K Narayan Malgudi Days. Well, I am sure it is going to open a floodgate of memories and nostalgia. Malgudi Days the Doordarshan serial was loved by all age groups. Though the tune had no lyrics yet […]


Where We Live

We live in a society, which happens to be denser with brutality and sparse in humanity. We live amongst the mass, which proudly flaunts crass and orient on being class. We live abiding by the fact that the concept of working married women is abstract, and the thought of girl […]


Nature’s Devastation

Held together with mud and lava, Rose up the Himalayas, On Continental shift, Forty to fifty million years ago!                                                 Washed since, weathered the storm; Man-made excesses, […]



I like to see the Sunrise;I ought to wake up early.Else, I will not catch up the beauty of rising Sun,And miss the unfolding of the beautiful day.                                              […]


Alluring Plums

I opened the fridge On the door Were sweet looking plums I tested one It was mouthwatering  I tasted the second  It was sweet too. I couldn’t taste the third one  As the panting tongue of  My beloved crossed my mind.  I am sorry dear I couldn’t  Save the first […]


Is Poetry the Language of Grievers?

the unfinished dinner table conversations/ a hand-me-down heart/ the letter baba holds close to his chest/colored with dried tears and smudged ink/ consisting of more angst and less love.                                           […]