Month: July 2022


रिश्तों की नींव

हर रिश्ता विश्वास का होता है, रिश्ते की पहचान इसी एहसास से हुआ करती है, चुटकी भर का अविश्वास रिश्ते में खटास पैदा कर देता है। फिर कितनी भी विश्वास की चीनी डालो रिश्ते में वो मिठास नहीं ला सकती ।                   […]


My Epiphany

Felt like crying, when I looked at my face, Its usual beauty was absent in the mirror, Inadvertently, I caught sight of a vase, Instead of blooming, it had a wilted flower.                                     […]


I Love Natural Scenery

The cool breeze was blowing when The sun was rising in spring. While walking on the bank of the river, I I could see water sparkling. Clouds are gathering of billions of tiny water droplets as ice-crystal. I could see the butterflies and birds singing in that beautiful area. There was […]


The Wait

The dusk descended, The darkness fell on the ground, The whisper of the dark green foliages, Was heard with heed! The language being strange – I flunked to realise the words in them!                                   […]


A Bad Dream

In my dream I killed a friend With a scream There was the end                                                      I woke up crying Trying to find meaning But with […]


If I Could

Just Sitting on a lonely lane, If I could paint a dream world, Then why I am still brushing on it, realizing that it’s never real.                                                 […]


Sarabhai Sense Season 2: Episode 2

by Nourin N.K I happened to meet our darling Sarabhai on my way back from the library. Though she was super busy with other people’s life matters, I could luckily have a chit-chat in between. Coincidentally through that talk, I got some interesting news to share with you all. And […]


Collage of Chaos

Footprints on the solitary sands are swept away by the blow of time. Corpses count hours frozen within the petals of evil flowers. Whining whispers are heard under the bizarre bowers, Sheltering scattered signs from the cantankerous clime.                         […]