Month: June 2019



Your presence in my heart Was enough to keep it full Of pleasure and happiness There was not a moment dull It had a dance of delight There was melody and song But over a period of time Something went horribly wrong I lost you to someone else My core […]


Pieces of Eight

We went into the tropic garden butterflies everywhere I put my hands out hoping one would land on me but none did. Then half way round a big one came down and sat on her shoulder like a parrot I thought it would fly off but it stayed with her […]


Respite of Letting Go

By Dr. Luzviminda Rivera “He had gone as quickly as he had entered your life.” Too much time has passed, too many bitter things had been said, too many hurtful actions had been taken and finally it came to the point that there’s no hope left to mend your broken relationship. […]


Choices Define Us

They all came together Tore away at my clothes Shredding my dignity in pieces They walked away remorseless. That day I made a choice To handle this with elan For girls around the world Ones who do & don’t belong. I walked out from hell Carved a heaven of sorts […]



There is, there is a man in Dubai, whom I trust with doubts none. There is, this man, now beyond boundaries, to whom, I spat words, concealed never. This man, with such differences, such counterfeits; Yet, in him I see, the father of my home caring, Could I ever deny […]


It’s Not Easy Being a Journalist in India

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Few days ago we saw journalists being picked up or beaten by police. Whether its Pradeep Kanojiya who was arrested for a tweet or the News 24 news reporter who was arrested, beaten and urinated upon for doing a news on local police or Santosh […]



everyday starts the same the bad mantra begins the mantra of death then something changes there is hope belief but slowly as night comes and day fades the doubt comes and the song comes the song is of the night and the sweet taste of that nectar that brings death […]


Silent Screams

Scream as loud as you may, They ignore and move away, Silent screams shall go unheard, For all they are is sheep in a herd. Empathy is but a luxury of emotion, For them this cannot be just a notion, This needs you to emote and feel with a passion, […]


A Sorrowful Heart

it strikes soundly as fast as it could like an arrow in flight it directly shot the heart as if it wishes to stop beating tears rolling down the cheeks trying to subdue the pain inside headache paralyzed the brain body weakness gotten me melancholia felt around made me lame […]