Respite of Letting Go

By Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

“He had gone as quickly as he had entered your life.”

Too much time has passed, too many bitter things had been said, too many hurtful actions had been taken and finally it came to the point that there’s no hope left to mend your broken relationship.

After an arduous battle to retain your relationship, still all your endeavors remain in vain.  Break-up still prevails, whatever might the reason, or who did the first move, the question is, how can you manage on the break-up?  How are you going to face the world, yourself?

It is really quite difficult at first, you often experienced the point of no return, felt that the whole world was being crashed, pride turned to pieces and most of all, when your life stopped to revolve around its axis.

A night of crying, drinking and moping was the venture of the pains you’ve been experiencing and to think the most of it, how long does his image will harbor you?  How long does it take to forget all the happy moments you’ve shared together for a long time? But life just works, indeed it is no picnic for everyone.  As the days passed by, you will realize and feel that there was no progress of healing the wounds it had created inside and the scars it left behind.  A result to struggle to live a new life.

“In the course of our lives, we live and are left and let go of much that we love.” Losing is the price we pay for living.  It gives time to think and face up the truths we had been unwilling to accept. It is also the source of much of our growth and pain.

Amidst the pain that naturally flows at the loss of our beloved, it is necessary that we have the willingness to emerge triumphant at the end.  For every tear we shed is a victory to behold in every morning that shines upon our eyes.

Perhaps the most essential ingredient in our survival kit is itself, the desire to survive and somehow once in our life, we had come in the rain of survivor.  As one grows up, one became more and more bold to face what the future may bring.  In our life, we tend to encounter different storms and learn to handle whatever tumult they would bring.  We must realize that the rainbows come after that storm, so we must endure first the storm, afterward comes the shining rainbow in the heaven-piercing the thunder clouds.

Author Bio: Luzviminda G.Rivera is a researcher, writer, poet, toastmaster, teacher and nurse by profession. She took up units in Bachelor of Laws and graduate of Doctor of Public Administration.  She loves to write to express her emotions, inspire, motivate and influence others.





  1. Happy to read something very relatable, Dr. Luz… I felt it…

  2. Thank you Sir Rowel. Everyone has its own story about letting go.