Silent Screams

Scream as loud as you may,

They ignore and move away,

Silent screams shall go unheard,

For all they are is sheep in a herd.

Empathy is but a luxury of emotion,

For them this cannot be just a notion,

This needs you to emote and feel with a passion,

For those that need a lot of compassion.

Heed not the world, move on forward,

Smile your woes away and weep just within,

Let’s be a lighthouse for the troubled ones,

For we are but women and very strong ones!!!

Shed no tears for the one that’s gone,

Never feel so lonely and ever so forlorn,

There’s a beauty and love that shall beckon,

For those who love will never let you down!!!

The ones who left will find their way back,

Maybe you will decide not to cut any slack,

Send them you might on their way that day,

For you have strived on to live another day!

                                                                                              ~ Kay S

                                                                                                   Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. Mrs suresh sharma

    B a lighthouse for d trobled ones!!!
    Wat a bful msg this poem has!!!!
    Lots of congrats dear Kay S?
    Keep this spirit n carry on with ur inspirational msgs to d society!!!