Choices Define Us

They all came together
Tore away at my clothes
Shredding my dignity in pieces

They walked away remorseless.

That day I made a choice
To handle this with elan
For girls around the world
Ones who do & don’t belong.

I walked out from hell
Carved a heaven of sorts
Making my choices wisely
Never dwelling on the past.

Easy a path it never was
With haunting memories each day
But I made a choice to never mourn
For I chose to win life’s throne.

Days passed by and years too
Handle I did all my fears too
Passed each day with not a frown
Finally I did win the crown.

The crown of success
The crown of freedom
The crown of choices
Living life on my terms!!

Today I stand humbled before you
Hoping you will respect me too
For the choices I made years ago
For they define who I am too.

                                                               ~ Kay S

                                                                 Bangalore, India

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