Month: May 2021


तुम हर कहीं मिल जाते हो

ये जो मासूम पुष्प खिलखिलाते जैसे सावन की बूंदों के रंगीन प्याले आज मुझसे प्रश्न कर रहे हैं   दहलीज पर काली घटा की आहट, हवा संग सावन गाते मुझे कुछ कहता है — सब है लेकिन एक वो क्यों नजर नहीं आते ?   जब जवाब ढूंढता हूं तुम्हे […]


An India in Africa

by Prahelika Deka ‘The Present is the key to the Past’. The Indian diaspora in Africa, consisting of about and above 3 million people in the present times, is symbolic of how the globally emergent nation’s people, ideas, and trades are moving and settling abroad in phases. Analysing the flow […]


My Journey

I see life as a journey. A journey where I sit inside a train called life. As I grow old, the train passes by a lot of stations. I stop by a few stations but I make sure I get back into the train called life to continue my journey. […]


Nightfall and the Cuban Tango

by Steve Carr In the Casa De La Danza, young women in hues of pink, orange, and green slinky satin dresses sit in a row of chairs along one wall. They look like different flavored shaved ices melting in the heat of the ballroom. The blades of the ceiling fans […]


Evil Laughter

She saw the most attractive man and asked:- “Are you Adonis?” “How did you know?” “You are very handsome.” “Oh! You are beautiful, too, lady. Can I do anything for you?” “You’re so suave and chivalrous, I’m falling in love.” “I’m already in love”. He hugged her tightly and roared […]