Month: May 2021


What Should Remain Unchanged

by Amelia Soni Changes is constant. It is definitely inevitable. But what should we do then? Do we still need to be hard-headed and be reluctant towards it? My answer will be no. The change will be working on our side if we will embrace it. Since this pandemic took […]


The Only Solution

And the bloodless political solution is that ‘Israel’ and ‘Jerusalem’ should be renamed. And that name/s should not be from scriptures. Or, the world will keep on watching their unending Tom and Jerry fight until the doomsday, while the innocent civilians suffer and die.             […]



There is a control in life Only attained in a journey. Looking content is a symbol. It is yellow sorrow That drives the pink ways Through the path of red revolutionary dreams. I have to talk about whiteness; A grey sky of hope. Clouds that sail in the horizon Separate […]


Red Fireflies

Dance with soot and ashes. And the air carries them- Does this dance with time. Brief fiery fire of a tryst. Warm wind consumes. Fire and Fireflies- Into the dark air above. Swift, sharp, heap of red. Dancing, Twirling, Wonderful, Aimless, Yet.. Significant of light. Of something from ashes and […]


Life Comes Full Circle

Life comes full circle when we are grateful in our deeds and gesture begin to admire and trust each other understanding and empathy rule the roost undiluted bliss encompasses body and core Life comes full circle as we sing rhymes in glory of the Lord not just sing … act […]


Happy Hour

by Terry Wynne Dusk had settled into the glass and chrome and cement cityscape. Harry had put in a solid day of writing advertising copy, meetings, preparing for presentations. As far as he was concerned, he had earned that pint of Guinness at Mulligan’s. He was on his way to […]


Me and Stars

Mom always used to tell me that Whenever I missed her Just see the sky And talk to stars Which will disguise her In fact till today When I am a grown-up I still can’t disturb This tradition And glaring the sky Make me feel secure Feeling the blessings… Hey […]


Bhumi Puja for Ram Mandir

Long-awaited, the grand event Ram Mandir bhumi puja at Ayodhya, was celebrated.   It was a very critical period in the country when the people were worried about coronavirus.   There were just five people on the dais along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.   Religious rituals commenced at a […]


How am Know That’s Love

How am know that’s love How am  know that’s prayer My tears flow like a river How am know what’ that   Thy sight for me so pious  Thy love my deepest desires Am become a tramp. Why? Thy eyes intoxicating for me.   Wonders in wandering outburst Life of […]