My Journey

I see life as a journey.

A journey where I sit inside a train called life.

As I grow old, the train passes by a lot of stations.

I stop by a few stations but I make sure I get back into the train called life to continue my journey.

As the train moves, I get to see a lot of scenery called life experiences through my window. Few sceneries are beautiful, few not so beautiful, few worth remembering, few worth forgetting.

I keep the imprint of the good scenery in mind, throwing away the ugly ones out of the window.

But I ensure that I sit inside the train called life and continue my journey. At times the train slows down, picks up pace, passes through a dark tunnel,

But I still sit inside the train hoping that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As I travel in the train called life, I get to meet a lot of people called passengers, few get down in different stations whereas a few travel along with me and the journey continues.

Those fellow passengers who travel with me till my destination, turn from passengers to friends and then to family, for we are friends and family not just by chance but also by our choice.

From childhood to middle age to growing older I prefer to sit inside the train, travelling and enjoying my journey called life.

This is my life, my journey and I enjoy my ride.


                                                                            ~ Kavitha Krishnamurthy

                                                                                      Chennai, India


  1. Mam, Super , I am a student of your father.
    Please continue in future.

    • Kavitha Krishnamurthy

      Thank you so much for the wishes Sir, Yes I will continue to write in future as well.

  2. Hi Madam,Really it’s true depiction of exact life journey!! U covered all relations,situation & instance that makes our Life A Journey!! ?
    Keep it Up!!

  3. Beautiful poem .