Month: May 2018


बदलता इतिहास

कारवां में तन्हा मुसाफिर हूँ | आबाद जहॉ का बर्बाद सितारा हूँ || दुआओ में बददुआ से नवाजा गया हूँ | महफ़िल की जानिब का अँधेरा किनारा हूँ|| रोशन आलम का मायूस लम्हा हूँ | संदली एहसास का रिक्त स्पंदन हूँ || आकंठ खिले यौवन का निर्मम अक्स हूँ | […]


Future Vision

The future is there and the vision is givin‘ the wideness, the truth and the new feelin‘. Dark things are bitter and love is better. Future Vision shows the ways that will conquer all hate. We don‘t have to live as fools burdened with heartless things, with crime and horror, […]


Friend Zone

Your figure was perfect to me, Imagination floated but my hands froze. A beam from your face fell on mine each time we shot glances- It made my virgin soul happy, but this time I’m rolling in my deep pains. My soul has been bleeding, It has never experienced such […]


My Emotions My Treasure

Have you seen sand Slipping down your palm Do you still Feel unmoved and calm, Seeping through your fingers Solid or liquid – Whatever, nothing lingers Nothing stays more than A few moments Except the memory That torments Yet, I cling to that dream Even though the pain Makes me scream often May be I am losing it But Whatever be the cost Hanging on to the Last straw I’ll save what I cherish most These emotions proffer me An ultimate peace within And create a masterpiece That’s for me An award and A rare win                         […]


Being Human is Not a Curse

By Mark Antony Rossi You need strength to be human in this day of machines. In this epoch of ecclesiastical excess. Discarding faith beyond believing in ourselves is not an ignoble act but rather a sensible reminder of the finite nature of flesh and the natural instinct to live within […]


The Gulmohor Beside My Window

Most of the year she stands like a known Too familiar one, A tree like others that surround our house, Giving company to other trees, Winter, autumn, summer, She stands by and large quiet Barring those mild rustle That breeze stirs up in her, She stands as if looking at […]