Month: May 2018


The Deepest Level

The deepest level is where we all meet – the deepest level and all that we seek. It’s all about confusion, it’s all about solution, it’s all about no more talkin’. The deepest level is in the middle of all that has to be changed. What do you want to […]


An Appeal to the Waves

Wait awhile! I build a castle of untold tales, tell a saga, of feuds, feasts and festivals on your shores. In the castle, I build a kitchen to preserve the traditional recipes add a window to peer into the soul of the shy cousin. I line the inner walls with […]



एक अजीब सा सुकून भरा सफ़र, जिंदगी शुरू हुई तब से देखा यह सफ़र, तेरी एहमियत  इतनी  ना थी तब, बस तेरे साथ मे चलती गई यह सफ़र। बचपन में दुनिया की ना समझ, दोस्त यार के बीच गुज़रा एक सफ़र, भगवान थे और रहेंगे मेरे लिए माता-पिता, उनको ही […]


The Privilege of Being An Editor

By Mark Antony Rossi The sole privilege of being an editor rests with the power to help writers reach their potential. For myself, all I ever wanted is to see writers published. As an associate editor you do not have the full confidence of those above to get the complete […]


Concept of Self in Social Sciences and Humanities

By Dr. Meraj Ahmad The term ‘self’ denotes a person’s essential being which distinguishes him from others. Self also differentiates a person from other objects of nature and cosmos. Self is both a mystical and mysterious entity. Concept of ‘Self’ in Social Sciences Psychology: Wiliams James (Principles of Psychology), G.H. Mead […]


Why Jinnah Has No Place In This Country?

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal If there is a boundary line between freedom of expression and foolishness, its quite thin and it’s called common sense. Few day ago it became public knowledge that Aligarh Muslim University or AMU has a picture of Pakistan’s founder and so called “Quaid-i-Azam” Muhammad Ali […]



Sometimes I perceive a solitary man Standing by the side of a lonesome tree Eyes hooked to the pavement Lost in the wilderness of rushing cars Hooting and tooting flying past the drudgery road Roughened hair disheveled by the dusty wind Bony and shriveled fingers knotted and resting On the […]