Month: March 2021


Keep Going

Nascent dawn alights with rays of belief like the trickling faucet in summer carrying a speck of hope in pendant drops puts together blissful interludes as day ascends and unfolds   The morning is calm and serene like a child in deep sleep a few twitters and warbles stir the […]


Love is Pure

The glowing moon And the twinkling stars Are symbolic of How pretty you are! My love for you will never end, Will never break, will never bend. My love for you won’t alter, My heart is true, won’t wobble. You are the alto, And I am your bow. You are […]


A Caged Parakeet

To take in air for her liberal life is so far, Of her dream caged between the bar,   Oh, her life is sinking down in tears, She is living between life and death in fear,   She remembers her children, she nursed, Unseen are her tears, for what has […]


The Scenery of an Island Village

It was a pleasing winter morning and the bone-chilling wind was blowing across the surroundings of our area. During that period, I had decided to visit my maternal uncle’s village, which is located on an unspoiled island. After arrival on that island, I could see the sand dunes and salt […]


Forgone Love

The gusty wind often brings in some enduring memories spent with you, But just like those migratory birds, or like an ephemeral force, in no time, you flew..! Left I was, all alone in the foggy hazy sky, When those scintillating images turned black in my eye..! How could you […]


Laughing Girl in Metro

Returning from my exam, through life line of the National Capital…. The group laughing suddenly draws my attention; Wow! That’s coming from a group of girls. Some of fellow co-passengers reacted.. Particularly, their men syndrome got activated!! As it seems, the laughing girls trying to break their masculinity silos… Oh […]



You said  that  you  can  read  my  eyes Then you  must have  seen  the  tide  rise When  you  tell  me  you  are  leaving  me also  something  that, inside  me,  dies   The  radiance  of  stars  you’d  brought And  made  me  feel  so  wanted My  world  had  become  so  colorful, Bliss  and  joy, […]


The Dig Down Boys

by Steve Carr What did Sandima know about the origins from where the water flowed? Its movement was so slow that he barely noticed it other than that he stood in it up to his thighs for as many as ten hours a day, often returning to the same place […]


My Companion

Please don’t rank on my guitar she has taken me this far I don’t care who you are   it’s OK if you say she’s old because she’s vintage so I’m told but don’t ask her age don’t be that bold   to ooh and aah that she’s rare is […]