Month: March 2021


Beware of Your Attachments

It’s like a wave of a sea That gonna come in a rush and boom Your life will change in an instant And have to face the consequences in a zoom   Beware of the decisions that you take Your instant desire can put you in stake You might lose […]


In Deep Tranquility

Millions gleaming sparks on the harbor by the shore but the cities are still dark in the nascent dawn It’s obvious, no baffle, these diamond pearls by the sea bed can’t feed the starving deaths There is some listless wind hanging on the streets coming from the mountains to the […]


Dearest Zombie

Should I write about you, or describe the way you are? or write about the butterflies, I felt whenever I saw you? or the symphonies I heard, when I saw your name somewhere? Should I tell the magical vibes, I get by seeing your pics? or the moment of victory […]


The Downfall

The world will kneel With the earth for living, For the payback from it As for slaying its beauty.   The dice of life Will roll to death, But with no-one To sing mournful songs, No time to write The epitaph for died ones,   We turndown The prescient of […]


Real Imagination

Entered the words in my dictionary With your acceptance Sometimes sang my songs of arrival alone With your sad departure. Lonely as the yellow sun Never meeting the blue stars Shining through harsh and hassle Writing through a pen and waste paper bin. A log in the woods Waiting to […]


Enigma of Love

As the sun loves the sky Or the moon loves the night And the body loves the soul.   She needs him with all her heart and soul, He is her breath that she inhales. She wants him in every fiber of her being. Not to miss him every second […]


Musings of a Confused Soul

by Debdoot Mukherjee There is no denying the fact that confusion has taken the shape of our daily companion in our lives. Everybody is confused to some extent or the other. People who say that they are totally devoid of confusion aren’t speaking entirely with veracity. A confused person, though one […]