Month: June 2018



Sitting  alone  on  the  sandy  beach I  look  grudgingly  at  the  sea, Magnetic  moonbeams  pulling  the   waves Along  with  my  boat, away  from  the  quay I’ve  firm  hope  it  will  come  back When  the  tide  is  low My  dream  boat  will  turn  around, When  the  waves  are  rippling  slow I  […]


Timeless Place

Let’s move to a timeless place where the time stops but the heart still sways where the emotions are fleeting and brimming over and flowing where the moments stop and love keeps flowing where I overcome the fear of losing you love is not stripped from me anymore I still keep […]


When This Girl Became A Bride

Like a magical and lovely fairy tale was her life; And then someday she had to become someone’s wife. The girl who used to live her life the way she liked; Now had certain limitations which can’t be denied. Her parents used to treat her as their little princess; And […]



मैं क्या पेश करूँ तुझे,  की जो मैं दिखा कर फ़ारख हो जाऊँ, दावत–ए–दिल है तू माशूक़,  आज कौनसा जज़्बात लाऊँ।   महफ़िल है अहसासों की,  कभी शर्मिला, कभी बेबाक़ हो कर आऊँ, दामन–ए–यार में सर झुका कर, गिरफ़्तार हो जाऊँ।   ख़ास निस्बत है तुझसे, कैसे झुठलाऊँ, रेशम की […]


What Happens to Childhood Dreams

By Sriranjani Manivasagam I happened to recently view the interview of Flying Officer Avani Chaturvedi – the first Indian woman fighter pilot to fly solo, on the YouTube channel National Defense. There, she delivers an important message to all parents. She says that parents should always nurture their child’s dream […]



On the golden hued celestial canvas , With a purplish tinge, Darkness deepened A strange stillness Intensifying, Our trail of conversation. Oh! that first glimpse Like never before … A soulful spectacle indeed! Across the expansive mountains In the splendid rays of moonlight… Words Descended…… In glorious magnificience.. Enrapturing, With […]