Month: June 2018


अच्छा लगता है

खुशबू  भरी  हवाओं,  तितलियों  और चिड़ियों  के  साथ बग़िया  में  फूलों का  खिलना  अच्छा  लगता  है यूँ  तो  कितने  काम  हैं, फ़ुरसत  कहाँ  हमें  भी  मिलती  है लेकिन  फिर  भी  तुम  से  मिलना  जुलना अच्छा  लगता  है कभी  हया  से, कभी  अना  से  कुछ  भी  कहना  मुश्किल  है मगर  जानेमन  […]



I looked out of the train window I saw a young woman sat next to the sitting statue on the bench if you didn’t know he was not real you would never know The woman sat opposite me gets a call it doesn’t matter if you are gay she tells […]


Falsehood is a Plantation

By Mark Antony Rossi Lies are usually not believed as much as simply accepted by those who fall into these three categories: It’s what they want to hear Too lazy to verify the facts Can be sold about anything This allows falsehood to morph into a metaphorical plantation seducing its […]


Pay Day

The Pay- day is a gain day for the ‘Salarian’ If only he forgets the landlord’s share of the booty he laboured for the bill he must pay for the fledging power supply the dues he owes for the tap that is too shy to spit the brother- in- law’s […]


निर्बाध प्रेम

भादों की नदी-सी बहती .. हृदय की प्यास है प्रेम . भावना का उफान मात्र नहीं! अनुभूति की सच्चाई से भरी… पानी में नमक के एकाकार -सा … स्वाति के बूंदों की बेकली से प्रतीक्षा चातक का हठ है प्रेम ! विरह के बिना उपजता नहीं यह सभी विकारों को […]


Fleeing Moments

Dawn to Dusk, The day flies past, I Wait and Watch, Lost in array of thoughts… Planning, Visualizing, Contemplating, Decades roll by Time for pack up I realize ; A little too late, Vacant, numb, I tread, Tumbling into nothingness… Reading the jottings on the invisible wall…. “Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamayo” […]


Old Companion

Spreading like moss covering from end to end and shaping its identity at the expense of my happiness a parasitic relationship sucking the life out of me my obsidian life, as I lick and suck the dewdrops laced with the poison ivy Dripping out of my palsied mouth words are warbled and […]