Month: June 2023


Eternal Guardian

I wonder are all the Indian dads would be same?  hiding so much from us to be alone while in pain stressing out or being sad doesn’t even exist in their vocabulary  If questioned would be throwing yourself in lion’s den voluntarily.                 […]



Tears don’t show that we are weak or mere, They show that we have challenged our fears, They show that we can make our gruesome burdens feel less fierce, They show that we care for our dears, Some show it some don’t but everyone cries, They don’t make us weak […]


You and Me!

The less you chase, The more you attract. What is truly for you. I look at you everytime I stumble, Lose balance, Miss out, Fall off. But you always Bring me back on my feet You are my soul lifter. And my prince The love I have for you Like […]


The Wounded Silence

Leaves crushed under the feet  Groan    in    crunching    voices Branches      snap        and Make    a     crackling     noise                                                           The glass drops   and shatters […]


जागो हे मानव!

एक ही पृथ्वी ब्रह्माण्ड में, जिसका सूरज मार्गदर्शक, सुबह शाम का वो संकेतक, ऋतुओं का भी प्रहरी। खेत हरे, जंगल जुड़े,नदियाँ, सागर, हिमगिरि शोभें, संतुलित मौसम, धनाढ्य धरा,सहसा मानव का प्रहार। लोलुप, तृष्णा, अभिभावक बन, नष्ट पंच तत्व-संतुलन, वन जीवन का अतिक्रमण, हाहाकार मचा क्षण क्षण। पृथ्वी खोखली, जल प्रदूषित,कटे जंगल, नदियाँ सूखीं, बर्फीली सतह पिघल कर, फैली प्रलय हुंकार बन कर। कौन है भयंकर विनाशकारी?- मनुष्य। नादान, अनजान, अहंकारी। समय शेष है अब भी जागो, उठो, बढ़ो, धरणी बचा लो! ~Shreya Verma Rodricks Hyderabad, India


Imagine a World Without Her

by Kunal Roy She is Lata Mangeshkar. She is still the incomparable Nightingale of India. Can you imagine the World of Movies without her mellifluous voice? Feel goosebumps on your skin or get scared of the fact that the eyes give birth to tears – right!   The world is […]


O! My Lost Love I’m Dying

O my love: Shahid Is waiting for you in my life Calling you from the broken heart It has been a long time, departed from eachother, How long I, endure your separation, Won’t you come, As I wait you in my life With hopeless and irreparable, Like a wingless bird. […]


The Cosmos Vs Love

Her ears hugged the gossipeyes obsessed to trapbody dances for a glimpse of chapfoot speed up when he sidelong with a gapyears pass by in scrap                                   The same gossip hit her ears againwith more […]