Power of Gold

And here I listen to the power of gold,
Shining or paper, new or old,
Here it is determined, aggressive, and bold,
A story worth witnessing than to be told,
Listening to the power of gold.
Era went dark,
People fought more than they ate as it was the spark,
Rulers loaded with it and an impression to mark,
Battles, infantries, the silent cries, and the ghastly time arced,
When the era went dark.
Talking about the present,
Luminous politics and technological ascent,
Deck of gold and its aura so pleasant,
Relations becoming stronger with its advent,
This talks a lot about present.
However, values and gold when synchronized,
Achieving outcomes with eyes surprised,
Difficult, startling, and abundantly prized,
Worth fighting for it to be wisely devised,
The values and gold to be synchronized.
~Ekta Ahuja 

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  1. Thank you so much Indian Periodical team.
    It means a lot.