A Mother’s Love: A Precious Gift From God

If you are not in my life

Who would care about my father as a wife?

If God had not created you
No one would be born in this earth without you.
when I opened my eyes for the first time you hugged me so tightly that your love made me Shine.
If you are not in my life
with whom do I share my sorrow.
After all, I am your little Sparrow.
You are my pride.
Mother is a precious diamond, given by our God only.
She loves us unconditionally and never leaves us lonely.
If you are not in my life
I would be lost without guide.
But you have been there for me through every high and low tide.
You are the one who is always there with your love and tender care.
You lift me up when I’m feeling low. your kindness and love always glow
If you are not in my life
Who would call me daughter?
Without a mother, life is a river with no water.
As Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother’ I am grateful for you, Mom, more than any other.
~Diksha Prajapati 


  1. Heart touching

    True feelings 💜💕

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