The Desire

The monsoon sets in,
the clouds amass in the firmament,
the drops touch the ground –
soggy –
becomes the grass!
A breeze accompanies the rainy jet,
I wait for you,
the glass planes become blur,
I clean in vain!
The hours fleet!
The darkness enhances,
I light a candle.
A tap on the door,
I rush,
open it!
touch you,
feel the satin smooth texture,
caress you!
The bond intensifies!!
Wisps of steam curling up-
from the chalice of hot coffee,
You like,
I know,
take sips from the white chalice!
Desire mounts,
tempest brews up,
burn in passion!
Restrain –
A far-flung word!
A sudden scream,
my voice chokes,
chuckles heard,
the eyes bulge out,
fingers refuse to move!
am dragged –
rope or wire –
thrown at the lurch,
the fire is kindled,
am burnt to death!
The skulls are there,
the deadly logs are dispersed!
She stands with a club –
controlling the creation!
Desire burns into nothing,
passion reduces to ashes,
lips blacken,
heart greys,
love lost,
in an impenetrable fog!!
  ~Kunal Roy
Kolkata, India

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  1. That’s Great ❤️😌