By Aadinath Sastry from Bhubaneswar, India


  1. Dear Adi The work has done very beautifully, detailing are also done so carefully, keep the good work…..
    God bless you 💐

  2. Dr Srikanta Debata

    Superb painting of

  3. Itishree Dash

    Most beautiful art👍👍

  4. Tapaswinee Das

    Rishi -Is a term for an enlightened person. They find mentions in various hindu vedic txt, as vedic traditions always regards the Rishis as great “yogis ” Or Sadhu, Sanths, they shared N spread the eternal knowledge with the truth of supreme power of God or being realized the power of meditation to build the connection with universe. Ultimate path 👣 of God’s

  5. Nurain Ansari Noor

    What a finely sketch with good detailing

  6. Acharya Biswajit Dikhit

    Very Nice Pic Art ….God Bless You

  7. Ashamayee Mishra

    Beautifully done
    May the Almighty shower blessings on you 💖

  8. Mamata Pradhan

    Welldone Rishi. Keep it up beta. Go ahead..

  9. Nice creation Aadinath go ahead & get your in era of drawings.


    Nice photo paint

  11. Manas Mohanty

    Wow !! Superb beta !! You are our rock star !

  12. Very nice Aadinath,
    Keep up the good work!!

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