A Thought

Literature is a thought, written or verbal;
Thoughts indicate perspectives,
Texts of past becomes history,
Historical facts make traditions,
Traditions changes with time,
Time passes by!
Text perpetuates and grows,
Literature abounds and spreads,
Unification amongst diversity,
Unforced, received gleefully,
Accepted by one and all.
‘Samskaras’- ‘Upbringing’ with rituals and ceremonies,
Spiritual impressions on conscience,
Starts early in an impressionable age,
Percolates thru’ generations as a way of life,
Identified as Indian hood World over!
Life is guided by spiritualism.
Spiritualism negates negativism,
Faith promotes convictions,
Convictions guide destiny.
Destiny shapes life,
Ushers’ prosperity and well-being-
Of the individuals, societies, and the Nation!
Being religious ought to not be restrictive,
Amalgamates diversification,
Religions and regionalism promote diversity,
Diversity amongst communities, societies;
Typical of our Nation,
Makes it unique amongst Nations!
Distortions in history, for self-growth;
Invaders and traitors have been the cause,
Hurting traditions of the natives,
Decimating its history, natives as well,
Vandalized sculptures all over,
Stand silent testimony till date!
Being barbaric, hating its natives,
Mindset of invaders,
Is that the way should have been?
Grow for now, live and let live;
For then you are for the Nation,
Nation be yours, for one and all!
~Dr. Rajesh Chauhan
New Delhi, India


  1. Harinder Singh Bedi

    You are maturing in every poem you conceive . Well done Dr Chauhan

  2. The very substance of human existence
    In this composition! Very profound and all inclusive.
    This made my day and has the potential to evolve
    Philosophy of a life time.
    Best wishes 😊👍🌹🙏🌹

  3. Another gem 💎 from the wizard of words. This Nation has suffered a lot, now if everyone realises, gives a thought and understands the importance of being Indian, nobody can stop us . Hats off, Dr Sahab.

  4. A much needed message for our troubled times!

  5. Anita Kushan Singh

    Very good, clear and on point.

  6. Dr. Rajesh Chauhan

    I am not able to find words to thank you all for your opinions, a critical analysis after going through this composition – as comments. This composition, itself has come as ‘A Thought’, couldn’t find more suitable heading, to find cultural solutions that keeps emanating off and on in my mind, to problems existing in the country. I am completely overwhelmed on your appreciation of this composition!