Understanding Love

Love is an intense feeling of affection.

It is the strong mental status of expression of emotion.

It gives you a sense of deep satisfied romantic attachment.

You cherish the fragrance of passion, intimacy, and commitment.

You float on the lively waves of caring and charismatic pleasure.

Love encompasses great interest, enjoyment, and desire.

Love is the backbone of anyone’s trust and security.

It is an unconditional feeling of respect and dignity.

The honest golden rays of love always enlighten the harmonious mind from inside.

You always experience good vibrations and positive emotional vibes.

Real love concerns selfless attribution towards the beloved.

Love is radical, extreme, possessive and spontaneously stimulated.

Whereas understanding is the key to tolerance and compromise.

It is the conditional expression of empathize.

Understanding deals with other people’s feelings with sympathy.

It is a more balanced and pre-planned attribution of sensitivity.

The bright sunshine of love always spread the bold message of happiness,

whereas the promise of understanding slowly repels the calm awareness.

In the garland of any couple’s life, the role of understanding is the thread.

The essence of love is present in the form of flowers or beads in the garland.

True love of natural pearl beads enriches the beauty of the string,

The existence of the tie maintains the resonance of all the beads rhythmic.

The threads and beads both should dance symbiotically in any relations,

The enhancement of any vase requires holding fresh flowers for beauty and fragrance.


~Mondira Ganguly

Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. Love well understood in its right perspective does magic in the quality of life one enjoys!
    No words should suffice to explain how secured we remain in the company of loved ones, it can only be experienced layer by layer!