A blue roof up above,
Changing colour patterns,
Man, ever engaged to view it,
Inquisitive to know it ever,
Ever busy looking Skywards,
Limitless, an expansive space!
Limitless and vastness;
Deep it is with no limits,
Different shades at different times,
Blue, light blue to white at horizon;
To red, orange, yellow to grey;
All shades depict state of Nature!
No controls in hand!
A roof from within the World,
Off it, expansive, vast, and mysterious!
From calm to rough and tough,
Peeping through the sky,
With intergalactic telescopes,
Now beyond the Universe,
Simply a space, holds limitless universe!
Lifeless ones, to exuberating with life?
Earth, only Blue Planet amongst many,
Unexplored, similarities obtained;
Millions of light years, distant, far away,
Billions of planets yet to be seen,
Sky creates an aura of roof from Earth,
Is but a space, holding Universe!
Galaxies, Milky ways, Nebulas;
Mysteries unravelled, many still to;
Recreated in malls, awestruck is one;
Twinkling stars, black it looks at night,
Background dark, mysteries abound;
With the Blue Planet turning grey,
Looking for another close one,
Is it where we would migrate?
Inquisitive was the mind forever,
Thinking sky-high to reach there,
Moved Skywards into space,
Searching home high above in the sky!
Really! A realm of mind in reality;
Still stand on a spinning mass of land!
Apparently straight, obliquely in space!
Even nearly upside down somewhere,
Lucky that we are on the land,
Gravity keeps us stable moving around,
Lest we are thrown skywards!
~Dr. Rajesh Chauhan
New Delhi, India


  1. Beautiful poetry sir ji

  2. Beautifully expressed 👍🌺🌷🌹

  3. O K R Sivagnanam

    Nice to visualise ‘sky’ in your power-packed words!

  4. Bknaithani www.naith

    Only poet can think all this.

  5. Excellent!

  6. Dr. Rajesh Chauhan

    Thank you all for those comments. It gives me great satisfaction when the views are rising, the comments, leave thoughts permanently in the mind of impressions perceived! Thanks again.