My Epiphany

Felt like crying, when I looked at my face,

Its usual beauty was absent in the mirror,

Inadvertently, I caught sight of a vase,

Instead of blooming, it had a wilted flower.


Luxurious black tresses I found turning grey,

In much horror, my heart skipped several beats,

Then I peered out of window and sadly saw,

An inky brownish hue on the lush green leaves.


Later, pensively, I watched the glorious sun,

Losing luster and going down a dark abyss,

I realized, at once, that it’s the law of nature,

Axiom of life’s journey how did I miss.


What begins – must end, who’s born has to die,

In between the road brings many metamorphoses,

Childhood to youth and then growing old age,

One has to, always, go through all those phases.


~Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India


  1. Shubhangi Kotwal

    beautifully written…

  2. Vandana Sharma

    and yet life goes on……….

  3. A good poem about life and the transition we face as our aging ,well penned.