Still Standing Still from Eons

Oh! that had happened eons ago,

then why? I still feel blue.


That incredible moment,

still pinching my feelings.

Sometimes I get trapped in flabbergast,

like feet in bog.


Still standing still from eons,

as my eyes captured the shadow of your smile.

Waiting for that sunshine,

which will melt every shade.

That soundless cry,

still reverberating inside my head.

My spirit is gone somewhere,

and I left with a squashed body.


A road with unknown destination appeared,

urging me to be its traveller.


Biding at the same place,

waiting for the right time to show its face.


Why? we always wait for the right time,

could we not convert present into that.


My journey stopped at the middle,

my dream freezed in the desert.


Equipped with unlimited patience,

still standing still from eons.


                         ~Shahzadi Bisma Shaheen

                         Kulgam, India


  1. Nice poem,keep it up.

  2. This is the best poem i have ever read

  3. I really appreciate you work???

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