A Ray of Hope

The world was in rejoice,

The folks were no doubt experiencing the best days of their lives,

But the planet was in deep grief,

The cosmos once declared as being a holy place was now turning into grave!

The oxygen now is priced,

The mankind counted every tick of the clock,

The universe was watching the misery it had never witnessed,

But it also was happy to see the humanity the planet still beholds,

After all, we stand under one heavenly shelter,

The time had come,

The light gleaming,

Bringing the power of an eternal existence, Now the mankind learnt to value its freedom,

We still see a ray of hope.


                                                             ~ Atoofa Rahmath

                                                                Bangalore, India


  1. A really interesting approach and message through poetry!
    I just love it ,look forward to more of such lovely penned hearts ?keep it up❤️

  2. Atoofa Rahmath

    Grateful ?….thank you for such humble compliments??