My Love

The love she longed for

The love that she was promised

The love of her lifetime that she yearned for, was..

So close to her yet miles away

Day & night she waited for him

Just to hear..

The three most precious words that..

The Cupid has engraved in

Every love bird’s heart

But unfortunately…

A wishful dream it was!

With the rising Sun each day

A new hope was born

Sparking up…

A much awaited ray of light

Strength of the day it became

Energising her spirit

Patiently she went about her work

Soon evening approached and..

With the setting Sun

Darkness, the queen of night

Enshrouding Mother Earth

Sat on her majestic throne

To reign over the world of silence

Perceiving it her heart sank

Love, like life is unpredictable

She mumbled to herself

It dampened her spirit


With a smile she murmured to herself

‘So what, if not today then tomorrow is still there?

The Sun will rise again and with it..

Another day of hope & love will arise

I’ll have a fresh new day to live for…

My love!

Think not for a moment that

I love him not, for

My love for him is unfathomable

He may ignore me

He may not even care for me as much as I do, but if ..

Even the thought of him brings..

Not only a smile on my face but also..

Sends my heart into a pit a pat

Skipping race

I can live with it

It may not last for long but

Maybe I’ll survive

If God wishes me to live a lonely life

So shall it be!

My heart will surely break and..

My life will be strewn with thorns of misery ..

Pricking my very existence

Making it wretchedly pathetic

While I’ll just stand helplessly watching…

My love waiting for My Love to come home to me

I know what is to happen will surely happen


One can fight with anyone & anything

But not with Destiny

The final authority of our fate!

Some may deny this but the fact is

We are nothing beyond being…

Puppets & slaves

In the hands of Destiny that

Puts a seal on everything in the journey of our life!

I hope & pray that sooner or later..

A Ray of Sunshine will creep out of the cloudy sky of my life to..

Light up my little world of love and



                                                                                       ~Anuradha S. Bannore 

                                                                                            Vadodara, India



  1. A poem of profound balance of love and despair , hope and uncertainty , light and darkness , desire and surrender to the will of almighty !
    Very poignant and a universal longing for love that eludes more often than is returned ?

  2. as always your poems ms bannore wound around life and its mysterious sweet and sour cadences…. residing and taking refuge in fate and destiny so as to lessen our sorrow nonetheless, the strain of sadness still envelopes those who seek solace in fate and destiny and that’s what human life is all about . The furrows never fade upon losing a loved one and that is the irony of life! Thanks for the lyrical beauty of the poem; I enjoyed reading it even as my heart felt the painful emotions conveyed so naturally.

  3. Thanks Jaya & Ms Diwakar. Yes it’s true life is full of ups & downs and each one of us has to find solace in some way or the other to ease the sufferings & pain that would otherwise make our life intolerable.