The Farmer, My Father

Father, o father!

Why do you despair so?

So what if your income keeps dwindling

Your woes continue to grow!


Father, o father!

Why do you contemplate suicide?

Your job is to grow for nation

Think not of your family’s cries!


Father, o father!

Why don’t you till your fields?

Though gathered at the gates of the capital

Lie ignored the hand that feeds!


Father, o father!

The laws are for your own good

So what if the provider to others

Goes to bed without food!


Father, o father

Why with the government do you fight?

Your job is to till, till your death

Do your duty don’t ask for your rights!


Father, o father

How come you are dressed so well?

Where did you learn to speak English

Why don’t of dirt and sweat you smell?


Father, o father

How do you survive the biting cold?

The fire that rages in your hearts

Is raring to finally explode!


Father, o father!

Why are you invisible to the common man?

His nose is buried in the humdrum of living

He forgets to matter as man!



                                                                   ~Punam Sharma




  1. Siddharth Khatri

    Well penned.

  2. Congratulations Punam. That’s a great poem. :-)

  3. So touching Punam my dear! Congratulations!! ? ?❤️?