It Shudders my Heart

It aches my heart to see,

How cruel humans can be.

Where are they going wrong?

Don’t they want happiness to live long?


The newspapers all flooded,

News of humanity blooded.

Social medias show it too,

Of news I can never chew.


Rape and molesting tops the news,

Has humanity burnt its safety fuse?

The vices overtaking the holy virtues,

Haven’t they got good options to choose?


The minds seem blinded by immense lust,

For which their body shall soon turn to dust.

They must get barricaded by society,

For their inhuman and brutal activity.


Time’s ripened for humans to be humane,

‘Say no to rape,’ that shall be the campaign.


                                                                                                            ~ Tshering Wangchuk


One Comment

  1. It’s frightening to even think where our life is going to. Morality seems to have disappeared. All around you see & hear only of blood shed in some form or the other making this beautiful world into a world of terror, fear, ugliness etc.