I Want to be Healed

I want to be healed

Healed from within


The wounds may not be visible

But are deep in the heart


I want to be calm

But unable to do so


The storm from within

Comes live with the chance


How to stop, whom to tell

I am becoming cruel like hell


Somewhere inside something

Is broken,


Nobody is trying to listen to

My despair


Not a real friend, not a true



Where to confine,

I want to be heard.


One little compliment

Can make my day gay


One little motivation

Can boost up the timid inner bay

One word of appreciation


Can be as Charismatic as

A drop of water to the thirsty man


But nobody cares

No one thinks


People are confined

In their own golden rings.


                                                                       ~ Dr Shivangi Shrivastava

                                                                         Motihari, India


  1. Beautifully written.
    Trusting someone to confide is dangerous terrain. Because we’ll not know whether they listen to spread or to help us heal.