The Fluttering Wind

The fluttering wind echoes petrichor tales.

What vermilion love you bring, oh dear?

The sun had set, the sun had set.

Can you beat the time’s recompense?

I am the being that breathe elixir of veritability.

I can’t escape the jabs of time.

On my knees I am dear, please hold my hand

For one last time.

I beg for one last time,

For once hold my hand.


This asphyxiates  me

The whirlpools of dilemma you created.

On mauve sheets our love was written,

I never knew it will get burned, not even the ashes would left.

I curse those thorns in the way.

Oh dear you always been my anchor .

Oh captain! I am your ship.


I am dead again my dear,

Come for the sake of the Almighty

to resurrect me from the dead dungeons.

Every night  my cottony pillow drenches wet.

Today I kissed your hand written note,

it felt you, your poetry I all absorbed in me.

Your memories are at bay so languid,

my smiles shunned to shower

I see dead dull spaces every where.


Your eyes like me is my coolness,

open the door, oh beloved,don’t be scared.

For those who rose in the magnificent realm,

No harm shall be received, saved by the Most High.

You cannot die for me, you are the martyr,

these lub -dub peens of mine

Have a seal on it of your name.


The fluttering wind echoes petrichor tales

What vermilion love you bring, oh dear ?

The sun will rise again , the sun will rise again.


                                                                               ~ Aquib Khan

                                                                              New Delhi, India


  1. Good going Aquib.
    Nice words and deep meaning.

  2. Damn ! I am loving this ?

  3. This is soooo poignant yet soooo beautiful ❤️