Life of millions of multitudes, old, young, children, infants and even unborn life,
are shattered and tattered in the war.
Millions lost life to guns and grenades, canons and tanks, missiles and fighter jets;
countless precious life turned into plumes of smoke and fountain of dust,
nobody dared and cared but only scared the innocent.
Buildings are holed with bullets and blown off with explosives,
Leaving no homes for those who escaped from death.

Limbs are broken and disjointed,

families are broken and seperated,
People are traumatized and physically tortured,
watched enough drama of devils in action sickened to bed,
No peace prevailed when evil minds spoke,
devils glorified the killings and celebrated the deaths.
Trillions of money was invested in the warfare,
which hath never in history succeeded in weaving peace,
Gallons of blood and tonnes of flesh are splashed and torn apart in war,
we shall never take pride in such a brutal victory.
Everyone lost and no one won in war,
the world witnessed enough war,
people suffered for long time,
people realized war as not a solution for peace and harmony,
stop war and let the life take its own course.


                                                                                                        ~ Yeshi Nidup

                                                                                                              Phuentsholing, Bhutan


  1. Thank you for the publication. Happy reading to all the viewers.

  2. War-a timely poem when humanity fights the pandemic. The guns and the missile yet to be discovered as doctors and scientists toils day out and day in.

  3. Thank you for publication. Happy readings to all the viewers.

  4. War is never ever a solution.
    Beautifully written la

  5. Good going yeshi….a well timed poetry indeed!

  6. Congrats my dear brother Yeshi! Well translated message to the world! War must be stopped!??