Tapestry of Petals

grew up into a magnificent being
each with its own shape and size
forming a bundle of joy and peace
the gleaming petals radiated light

the bunch ate the lunch together
healthily satisfied within themselves
strong companionship with each other
celebrating with the rains and winds like Elves

weather did wither them with age
separating them from there paradise
harmoniously living at every stage
bidding a happy farewell on each others demise

the tapestry of the life of each petal
spreads aroma by blossoming into a flower
love is the only virtue on which they settle
accepting and respecting each others powers

                                                                                      ~ Kritika Maheshwari

                                                                                        Lucknow, India


  1. Kratika, congratulations on the publication of this beautiful and meaningful poem!

  2. Thank you so much Cheryl for your constant support and admiration. Love Kritika