Oh! I feel my heart flutter,

I’ m nervous and start to stutter,

And I f-f-f-fumble every word I utter!

Flapping its wings like a Dove,

Stirs within me, the EMOTION of LOVE.

The child in me is scared and shaken,

Like the courage within me, taken,

I feel like I’m completely forsaken!

It may sound unpleasing to your Ear,

But consuming me, is the EMOTION of FEAR.

I rejoice at the sight of a firefly,

Holding my head up high,

Oh! I feel I can touch the sky!

If you wanna know the reason why,

Gripping me tight, is the EMOTION of JOY!

I’m full of disgust and loathing,

People around me seem like wolves in sheep’s clothing,

Pretend as if they know nothing!

Oh! I feel so degraded, exploited and frustrated,

Lurking within me, is the EMOTION of HATRED!

Over the couch, my beloved sleeps,

I wanna feel the taste of his lips,

Embrace his body, feel his tender fingertips,

How can I quench this insatiable thirst!

Overwhelming me, is the EMOTION of LUST.

Dishonesty and treachery makes my blood boil,

Fury to its peak, ready to uncoil,

Trapped in a state of emotional turmoil!

Cannot be controlled any longer,

Engulfing me, is the EMOTION of ANGER.

My heart feels so heavy,

Lachrymose and so unsteady,

I think I know already!

This feeling of despair and hopelessness,

Wrapping me in its cocoon, is the EMOTION of SADNESS.


                                                                                   ~ Sunita Sahoo

                                                                                   Odisha, India

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  1. Thank you for publishing my poem :)