A Winter Day

Day after day the temperature dipped low

Freezing cold it became

Chilling the arteries and the veins!

The morning melody could no longer be heard

An uneasy lull shrouded the Earth

The twittering birds to warmer habitat took off

The nimble animals too succumbed to quiescent

The barren trees like skeletons stood

All dressed in brown-

Their thin arms stretched sideways or upwards

Envious of the more vivacious-

Tall trees, plants and shrubs that well clad stood-

Shining in their grandeur but-

 Conceitedly they smiled disdainfully at the bare ones

Proud they were of their varied colourful attire

Till a winter storm broke out-

With a swish the weather changed

The icy cold winds routed the Sun

It’s warmth wasted lay

The callous frigid air ruthlessly gripped it’s victim-

The lonely, vulnerable Earth!

Lifelessly, life moved on

Shortly a blizzard ranted out seething anger

Engulfing the Earth in a thick white fluffy blanket!

The entire flora-

 The bare/ the cladded all were now dressed in ‘White’-

The only visible prominent colour attired the whole vista-

A faint glimpse of other shades here and there emerged

The snow augmented the skeletal branches exquisiteness

The house tops, the cars, the pavements, the roads, the driveways

All clothed in white portrayed a tranquil amicable life

An awe inspiring sight it was!

A sort of harmony stretched for miles together

Divulging the verity –

No matter how different things/life may seem

In actuality it’s the same for one and all!

                                                                                      ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                                        Vadodara, Gujrat

One Comment

  1. the world is facing traumatic changes in seasons and the beautiful manner in which the entire picture is presented and captured lays emphasis on the entire unnerving situation