Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s on “Showing Love”!

By N. V. Subbaraman 

Here is a  beautiful poem by Mahakavi Subhramaniya Bharathiyar, one of the greatest national, patriotic poets from Tamilnadu , who lived in the early part of twentieth century. This poem deals with the importance of showing love and affection to all fellow beings.  As usual his poem original in Tamil, its English transliteration and translation with comment are given hereunder.

 அன்பு செய்தல்

இந்தப் புவிதனில் வாழும் மரங்களும்

இன்ப நறுமலர்ப் பூஞ்செடிக் கூட்டமும்

அந்த மரங்களைச் சூழ்ந்த கொடிகளும்

ஒளடத மூலிகை பூண்டுபுல் யாவையும்

எந்தத் தொழில் செய்து வாழ்வனவோ?


மானுடர் உழாவிடினும் வித்து நடாவிடினும்

     வரம்புகட்டாவிடினும் அன்றி நீர் பாய்ச்சாவிடினும்

வானுலகு நீர்தருமேல் மண்,மீதுமரங்கள்

     வகைவகையா நெற்கள் புற்கள் மலிந்திருக்குமன்றே?

யானெதற்கும் அஞ்சுகிலேன், மானுடரே நீவிர்

     என்மதத்தைக்கைக்கொண்மின்; பாடுபடல்வேண்டா;

ஊனுடலை வருத்தாதீர்; உணவியற்கை கொடுக்கும்;

     உங்களுக்குத் தொழிலிங்கே! அன்புசெய்தல் கண்டீர்!



Indhap puvithanil vaazhum marangaLum

Inba narulmalarp poonjedikkoottamum

Andha marangaLaich choozhndha kodikaLum

Avdadha moolikaipooNdupul yaavaiyum

Endhath thozhil seydhu vaazhvanavoa?


Maanudar uzhaavidinum viththu nadaavidinum

          Varambukkattaavidinum anri neer paaychchaavidinum

Vaanulagu neertharumael maNmeedhu marangaL

          Vagaivagaiyaa nerkaL purkaL malindhirukkumanrae?

Yaanedharkum anjukilaen, maanudarae neevir

          EnmadhaththaikkaikkoNmin; paadupadalvaeNdaa;

OOnudalai varuyththaadheer; uNaviyarkai kodukkum;

          ungaLukkuth thozhil ingae! Anbu seydhal kaNdeer!




Trees that are in existence on earth

The family of beautiful scented flowers

The winding creepers along those trees

Valuable herbals and other weeds

What work they are engaged in!

Whether the people till or not, seed or not

Control the flow of water or irrigate

If the sky gives and pours water, trees on earth

   Variety of grains and paddy grow in gay!

I am not afraid of any, fear for any, Oh! My brethren

   Follow my religion; strain not

Tax not the physical body, nature will give you food

          Your job and work is here! See, Give and show LOVE for all!



It is not that Bharathiyar wanted the people to sit idle and eat what nature gives. Whatever one does or not, any work or not, engaged in any profession or not WHAT ALL CAN AND HAVE TO DO is to SEE, GIVE AND SHOW LOVE for all!


  1. A nice reading of Maha Kavi’s “Anbu seithal ” . Beautiful . natural . High thinking. Deep expression of words. Love of Nature . Expression of inner feelings . Free flow of words .

    Everything on this earth is available freely. He says what is there to work as there is free gift of rain and other food materials.

    Oh ! Man ! You are here to love everyone . That is all ! You do that alone ! that is enough !!

    These are my feelings of thought.

    Your translation and comment are highly meaningful and guiding.

    Nice poem ! Enjoyed ! Thanks !!!

  2. What a wonderful poem on LOVE by Bharathiyar and your beautiful translation!

    Love is capable of anything and everything- that’s what he wants to convey to the society!

    Everything under the sun is ours, provided we show love to all!

    What ails the people when they’re assured of the essential food?
    Their only duty is never failing the LOVE- and the rest is taken care of effortlessly!
    Not only the food, but all our legitimate wishes too!

    So easy a prescription that none can dare avoiding it!