Month: July 2017


In a Name?

By Monica Bakre “No, No, No, No…” spoke up Sudhanshu, “Not that name…” “Why, Papa? What happened? ” asked his daughter-in-law, Swati, who was actively planning her one-month-old daughter’s cradling ceremony with the whole family. “Yeah, Papa, what is wrong with ‘Sunayana’? Baby has beautiful eyes!” said the proud father, […]



Please  bury  this  body Its  dead,  its  not  asleep I  am  not  there, for  me Don’t   grieve  and  weep I  do  not  perish, I  cannot  die I  am  an  invincible  soul Body  is  my  carrier,  only, To  help  me  attain  my  goal Discarded  like  old  clothes My  body  lies   lifeless […]


The Shadow

It was a very dark night The sky shone with multitudes of twinkling stars The thin crescent emitted a soft, gentle, silvery light A dazzling artistic creation of God, it was! She sat on her verandah entranced by its beauty The lofty dark trees swayed with the breeze- Its long […]


Writing as a Crutch

By Mark Antony Rossi How valid is the outcome of writing used merely as a form of therapy? A strange question asked yet you often wonder when every jack of all trades is jotting down stories behind your back. And you thought you were the only writer around. Has the […]


Time that Never Could be

Miss you poet Ali, homeless, exile. Never met you the person, but met the poet of Kashmir, pain, and loss. Yearning for a time and a place that never could be; never, be mine again. Miss you Lahore pre-forty-seven. Never been there, in person, but felt you through pages on […]


Place in the World

By Mark Antony Rossi The other day I ran into a 23-year-old who claimed she was a “life coach.”  I found it difficult to swallow that someone so young could counsel another person about the trials and tribulations of life. After all was a young woman, never married, never been […]