Dealing With Pain

I  have  learnt  to  deal

And  live  with  pain

Hiding  a  thousand  tempests

My  eyes  do  not  rain

You  came, you  saw,

You  conquered,  true

But  what’s  there, my  love,

For  me  at  all  to  gain

It  was  a  loving  glance

A  longing  and  romance

That’s  all I  wanted  from  you

But  all that  was  in  vain

I  know  my  lot

It’s  loneliness

My  dreams  will  not

Come  true, I  guess

My  hurried  prance

My  rain  dance

My  crazy  acts

As  if  in  trance

I  couldn’t  revive  again

My  fire  song  has  no  more  light

My  lyrics  lost  refrain

My  vision  is  blocked  by  dusty  grains

Still  my  eyes  do  not  rain

                                                               ~Sudha Dixit

                                                                    Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Remain as hard rock that knows not what pain and suffering is;
    Give expression to your troubling pain, you are in fact welcoming it with open arms;
    Pain or gain, it’s a passing phenomenon, so learn to experience it, no matter its chemical reactions created inside of you;
    For, a right mixture of pain and its opposite is the ordained recipe we have to taste in our daily food of life and living!