Head Up High!

When darkness seems to conquer your heart;

When love fails to do what is right; and

When pride is trying to knock you out,

Head up high!

Determination sometimes lacks.

Confidence sometimes is not enough.

And when judgments are echoing in your mind,

Reflect who you are inside.

Despair weakens your soul.

Fears invade your heart.

Inferiority loosens your mind.

A rainbow is always at the end of every rain.

Let nobody be misunderstood.

Let somebody is inspired.

Let anybody be proud.

You know for yourself who’s the greatest.

Words are easy to say,

Yet it can kill you in many ways.

Don’t be mad at those people who see you as bad,

Because the only one who knows you is God.

                                                                                                 ~Jhon Peter P. Salino (Broken Montague)

                                                                                                      Biliran Islands, Philippines

One Comment

  1. Very beautiful lines!

    Comments you encounter from others
    Howsoever adverse may be
    Are out of their perceptions!
    Need not be perilous enough
    To stir your heart
    Out of proportions!
    Be known
    Your own mood swings
    Are of temporary nature,
    And at the end of the tunnel
    A LIGHT emerges sure!
    None but you alone can be
    The best judge of yourself, and
    Never ever fear not, for,
    INSPIRATION flows from above
    To reveal who YOU really are!