The Surgery that was Necessary

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Sometimes the wound have to be cauterized in order to stop the infection. That’s what happened few days ago when Indian army crossed the border into Pakistan to target terrorist camps operating on its soil. It was a necessary step to show Pakistan and the world that some problems just can’t be solved diplomatically.

 Though circumstances demanded an action on our part but my guess is this may not be the first time we might have crossed into enemy territory to prune out terrorist elements. Military operations like these, by their nature are never acknowledged in public but this time things have changed drastically in public mood and silence in government’s part would have been taken as sign of weakness but I welcome this step by the government to show its people that their voices and concerns regarding safety and security of country are not falling on deaf ears. UN or any other country as such has no interest in jumping into affairs of two nuclear armed neighbors. Whatever China, US, Russia or UN may say, no one is going to fight our war or solve our problems. We should take matter in our own hands. If a situation requires such action we should not rule out considering something more than a surgical strike. Yes there were losses on our side too but these are necessary sacrifices we have to make if we don’t our country to become like Pakistan.

 Pakistan on the other hand will only make things difficult for itself by providing support for subversive activities on Indian soil. They have lost more personnel to terrorism then to Indian army buy still they don’t learn their lesson. Lack of education, development and freedom of expression besides breeding extremism has lead Pakistan to become a doomed state. The onus of peace lies squarely with their leadership and army establishment. They are the provocateurs in Kashmir and broader South Asia. You ask Iranians, Afghans and even off the record Chinese as well will point to Islamabad for majority if not all the problems of this part of the world.  If Pakistan would only stop all terror camps, dismantle their support systems and infrastructure, the Kashmir issue will be solved within three years. Trust me, even though this is not a practically possible because the monster ISI created is too big to reign in on now but peace is not something that cannot be achieved in the Kashmir valley if the other side sincerely desires it. They should release the captured Indian soldier at least as a gesture and intent of defusing tension.

One Comment

  1. congrats for ths very timely editorial
    the country salutes Pm Modi’s leadership with regard to this grave situation created by Pakistan
    Hope it has learned a lesson and will not dare to provoke India to take a severe action against it’s effort to create terrorism and kill innocent people to please their whim