There is a glacier

Inside me

A frozen river

That does not flow

No wonder

My heart has become

Hard as stone and

There is no spark to show

It requires some fire

To melt

Some tender care

Some warmth heart – felt

And lots of love

To be kept aglow

Don’t know how long

It took to freeze

But, it will take

some time to thaw

It has nothing to do

With attitude

It is simply

The Nature’s law

Come to me with

Warm demeanor

Touch me with your

Gentle  hands

Make me gush with

Gay abandon

Make me alive with

Your  love and Passion

Bring to me the melody

That my heart may sing

Transform  this  glacier

Into  joyful  spring

                                              ~Sudha Dixit

                                                  Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. No power on this earth
    Can dare move and activate
    The heavy heart pining
    With no capacity for feeling!
    But loads and loads of love
    Can alter the status quo
    Through the caring touch of hand
    Giving birth to
    The full-blown child of Spring
    From an embryo of Glacier
    Given sufficient Time!