Sitting  on  the  vast

Expanse  of  sandy  beach

Throwing  pebbles  in the  sea, and

Watching  the  waves  reach

My  feet

As  if  to  greet

The  memory  of

The  halcyon  days

Climbing  trees

Running  with  breeze,

Paper  boat  race,

Butterfly   chase

Unbridled  laughter,

Untiring   vigour,

No  inertia,

No  stupor,

Life was  full  of

Games  and  plays

Oh  those  halcyon  days

Comes  another  wave

Sweeps  away  the  image

Of  happy  childhood  maze

But  I’ve  saved  the moment

In  my  memory’s  page

Of  my  precious  halcyon  days

Waves  upon  waves,  create

Ripples  in  the  ocean

Outside  my  heart

Also  inside  enclaved

Bring  out  my  lost  love’s

Picture  there  engraved

And  commemorate

Those  halcyon  days  of  romance,

Nights  of  reveries, dreams  and  trance,

Yet   destiny  betrays

Fleeting  was  that  phase

All  that  beauty,

All  that  gaiety,

Alas, was  so  ephemeral

Time  flies,

Age  defies,

Law  of  universe

Is  but  natural –

Nothing  forever  stays

I  miss  my  halcyon  days

Still,  in  this  world  of


I  feel  one  element’s


That  element  is  Love

With  it’s  omnipotence

Love  is  never  ephemeral

Does  not  yield  to  evanescence

Love  is  ever  ubiquitous

Love  has  halcyon  presence

In  it’s  Godly  ways

Sustains  halcyon  days

                                                            ~Sudha Dixit

                                                                    Bangalore, India


One Comment

  1. Wave-like incidents external strong enough
    To wipe out the memory of those
    Blissful days of childhood
    Characterized by roaring laughter
    Born out of trivial but joyous activities!

    Wave -like accidents internal
    Capable of ripples in life
    Rendering LOVE
    Once romantic was
    To an abrupt end!!

    What then is permanence in this world?
    It’s but the element of love
    Never can it disappear
    For it’s GODLY-powerful and permanent
    Happily recollect and enjoy for ever!!!