Silently flowed the dawn

Gliding gently o’er the

Snow capped mountains

Making its presence felt

Around the awakening valley below

Clad with silver leaves

Hanging upon the low bent boughs

Heavily laden with crispy white snow

Shimmering in the trembling glow

Of heaven’s eye

Enveloped with thundering clouds

Shattering the silence of the

Tranquil green valley


The birds snuggle into their nests

The lions into their dens


The lifelessness around

Strangles the once felt joy

Of witnessing the snowfall

Caught in the hail and storm

Life seems sucked and siphoned

The longing to escape from

The humdrum of life

Now dissipates cheerlessly

The snowy loneliness

Enhances the longing to escape

                                                                 ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                    Jabalpur, India


One Comment

  1. Morning beauty
    Nature’s envy!
    What could be otherwise?
    Torrential rain and stormy winds
    Follow thunder
    Out to disturb
    Serenity surrounding
    Manifestations of nature
    Decorated by silvery snow
    Driving all to safety
    Destroying JOY altogether!!!!!