Family First

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Family always comes first isn’t it? A man would do anything for his family, even a highway robber Ratnakara did grave sins for his family until he found the right path and became Valmiki but it does arises a question how far would you really go in the name of family. Robbing a country perhaps? Congress high command would defend every action of their son and son-in-law. Why? Simple answer, family and there is no remote possibility that anyone in Congress hierarchy will see the reality for what it is?

 It is true that people rob, cheat, toil, die, struggle in fields or spend long hours in front of computers for sake of their children. People will happily tolerate an unhappy marriage so that they can take care of their kid’s needs but what about the kid’s greed? Does millions of Indians work hard to fill the unaccounted accounts of Political high and mighty? So that son-in-laws or “damaads” as we say can buy out lavish properties with help of their well-connected friends.

  Another irony of the fact is that right from Bofors to Coalgate to  Augusta Chopper deal to this Arms dealer Bhandari’s real estate dealings, investigations as always will go on till eternity but no respectable politician will ever had to face anything. No matter who is in power some culprit always go away. Just because someone’s relative sits in Loksabha or Rajyasabha, doesn’t mean he get a free pass at law. During the Congress rule few years ago, a big metal plate at major airports of the country would brazenly proclaim that members of Gandhi family cannot be frisked.  It was an advertisement of their status to our common lot. NDA has a responsibility towards the people to bring these excesses to the book.

 Sanjay Bhandari’s company Offset India Solutions (OSI) has reportedly grown from few lakhs to hundreds of crore rupees under the blessing of his political connections on both sides of the aisle but his connections with the first family of congress, the boost and exposure OSI got in defense industry and the possible shady dealings done under the cover of a defense company landed him in trouble. OSI is not actually an arms manufacturing company, they are sort of consultant who provides direction. If explained in the layman’s terms, if your contract or file is stuck in the system then they might get things moving for you and the secrecy involved in the defense contracts allows lot of opportunities for people in right places for stealing, plundering and stashing money in far away accounts and properties with no name.

 Family matters, friends matter but so does the country and society. The progress and well being of many cannot be expended for the luxuries of few.



  1. yes siddharthji family matters most for people like us who sweat to bring up our loved ones in this world
    for the privileged class it is all by hook or by crook…. people who own hardly anything and have a very basic education/ primary, have power in their hand and links that can cash their interests and these are the people who exploit others… there are no morals, virtues or integrity of character and nothing matters to them except money I wish these selfish people would read Leo Tolstoy’s shot story How Much Land Does A Man Need
    after all there will be a time when one has to answer God for his misdeeds
    it is a sad fate that those who are ducated do not wish to join the political fray so they stay away from politics and those who know nothing decide the country’s fate

  2. please correct, short story not shot story