Young and Restless: The Untapped Ones

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

 India at least in demographic sense has the most youth population in the world, while UN reports counts the population in 10-24 age group, I am taking the age group 10-39. Number will be staggering in any case. This particular age group desperately wants to change the old guard, the way things were for good or worse. Given proper direction people in this age group will form companies like FlipCart or Snapdeal or take away that direction you’ll have Patel and Jat andolan on streets.

 How we channel this energy is up to us and I’d like to discuss this in various contexts. First, the economy, we are trying hard to make India a manufacturing hub, Deals have been signed and major international corporations have pledged to set up plants and research centers in the country. While this step is definitely promising, government should focus on growing domestic market and opportunities. We don’t have any shortage of talent pool, in fact we export the best of us to other countries but if government open can remove barriers in major sectors like credit access, regulations and ease of doing business, things can turn around in technology, pharma and defense sectors to name a few. Having the job providers at home will give a channel to vast section of people who are studying in colleges or are going to come out of it. Indian government spends billions in energy and defense imports, if it tries to spend that money in developing resources at home, things will turn around in self dependence, sustenance and security. More people in jobs means less people on streets.

 Second, law and order, this word does not only applies to crime rates or numbers of murders, pick pocketing or robbery. It’s a broad message that a government projects not only to the insiders but also the outsiders. I am not saying current government is weak but the step to deny visa to two Chinese dissidents is not sending any strong messages either. If China can protect a man with blood on his hands we can’t issue tourist visa to two dissidents. Most wanted men in India’s list are living comfortably in Pakistan, I am sure they’d have ten’s of red corner notices against them and I am sure they’ll be travelling internationally despite all notices and alerts out there to get them. We are asking British authorities to deport a respectable Rajya Sabha absconder whom we helped in getting away in the first place. Communities and groups highjack water supplies, roads, markets. No one moves a finger to stop pillaging. People, especially youth see these things and foster the fact that law is something that can be tossed around, that order belong to the powerful and rule does not apply to the high and mighty.

 No situation is hopeless until we make it such. Still we have time, our leaders should act not respond to each and every problem that presents itself.

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  1. truly and subjectively written yes this Rajjya Sabha member has firmly stated that the Indian govt will not get a penny out of him by cancelling his visa, but please do not call him respectable, which he is not
    regarding youths if they are served every opportunity on a delectable platter free of cost why should they plan their future or work hard …./ the platter is so full they need nothing else so they are going astray pick pocketing, cheating , robbing , murders and committing rapes in the name of being juveniles or being supported by muscles and power