On Your Birthday Dear Ma

Your loving arms reach out to us

Like a beacon, you steer us forth

Whenever we falter or miss our step

Your arms help us to cross the tide.

Although you lie so weak and frail

You are always in smiles to light our ship,

And encourage us to cross solemnly

The tidal waves of life

You hoist our spirit you grace our life

You heighten our honor and pride

 You emanate and radiate

And enchant us with your smile

Whenever you see us down sometimes

You miraculously detect our pain

You hold our hand, and nod and smile

Bring comfort in our life

 Your staunch support and words of praise

Keep  all of us bound together

Your loving arms reach out to us

Whenever the cloudy clouds appear

Life is so pretty with you to share

All our love and sorrow

Our comfort zone… is you dear mama

Your blessings forestall all petulance

Your fingers clutch our hand and pray

That nothing untoward befalls…

Your keen eyes steer us on our pathway

To achieve our forte in life.

The opulence, the love you bestow upon us

Is more than words can say?

Each year your boundless love abides

And makes us all so dear

Your morals and your values

Ties the family

 For all your love your sacrifices

That shelters us from pain.

We love you dear mama

 We cherish your quips

Your love abounds in your smiles

 God indeed has been kind to us

To bless us with a mother like you

So always, we will shine

On the tracks you carved for us

 So all your children wherever they may be

 Wish you a lovely year

 Full of bright tidings for your health

Wrapped in the fragrance of  a new year.

Happy birthday dearest mama

                         ~Shobha Diwakar

                            Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. It’s a very beautifully written poem for that one lady whose place can never be taken up by anyone else in this world. You have drawn an extremely genuine word picture of how selfless a Mother’s love is for her children. Many happy returns of the day dearest Ma.