A Perky Bird

Pensively, on a wharf she stood

Gazing blankly at the clear azure sky

Deeply lost in her own world

A sudden chirping sound pervading the serenity

Brought her out of her wakeful slumber

A tiny delicate bird at her feet she saw-

With a perplexed questioning look

It seemed to be asking

‘What’s the matter, dear?’

With blinded eyes, on her knees she went

Picking it up, she wondered

How strange it was

No human had ever asked her that!

Enthralled she hugged the little birdie

And talked and laughed as never before

Dancing as if in a fairy land!

The birdie looked around and so did she

Lo, it was an entirely different world

Bathed in panoramic beauty!

Bewitched, she glanced excitedly at

The shimmering turquoise waters

Dotted with boats and ships sailing smoothly

The rising waves kissing and leaving with a gentle caress

She quickly sat down with her dangling feet in the cool water

A soothing thrill of joy it sent with the touch and go of unending waves

Invoking her to the joyous moment of being alive!

Enthusiastically she looked around only to be enraptured by

The indescribable beautiful multicoloured creatures

Swimming, flying, running

Gleefully chasing one another in play

They were on land, water as well as in the sky

Turning to the birdie she thanked it

For introducing her

To the glorious beauty bestowed to this earth

Grateful to God for His benevolence

She frolicked about singing

On top of the world she now was for

The perky bird to her was God’s messenger!

                                                                        ~Anuradha. S. Bannore

                                                                        Vadodara, Gujarat

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  1. nature in all its blessedness captured and presented beautifully in poetic form