The Storm

Last evening the power went off

It happened so everyday

 The mornings bright are dulled by the loss

 For the brightness you lose everyday

The public strangulated with problems galore

Are rejected along with their right to live

The rich in power enjoy everything free…

The poor struggle to survive everyday

Many are run over on footpaths, on roads

Driven to death by rogues and ‘rich’ drunken drivers

 Not a word of sympathy do they offer

 When someone comes in their way

The attorneys are ‘blessed’ with money

To shield their lives the loopholes are many

The bereaved family cries for justice and peace

 He is hushed and bushed by rules of the road

The rich can ignore the rules?

Our country is great the rich are blessed

The poor suffer the storms of life

 A whiff of the wind their branches are wrecked

The rich enjoy their life

All’s not well that ends not well

Life’s knot is snapped in two.

This stormy life this earthy life

Rests on the laurels of the poor

The storm that rises in the hearts of the poor

Is worse than the storm outside

The dead conscience of the rich will

Burn forever in the hearts of the poor

The Satan within and the Satan without

Will steal your sleepy conscience forever

                                          ~Shobha Diwakar

                                             Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. It’s a simple idea put forth beautifully in a poetic form. It’s very true though everyone talks of the deteriorating condition of the poor people it seems to be just mere lip synching for hardly anything is being done for their betterment & welfare. Many projects must be there but they lack in execution & as Pt Nehru said, ‘Thoughts without execution is an abortion of them [thoughts]’ hence these projects only on paper are useless & senseless. The rich have been ruling & will continue to do so as if they alone have the right to live!